Aug 7, 2010

Types of Camera

  • Pinhole Camera
  • Box Camera
  • Twin Lens Reflex Camera (TLR)
  • Single Lens Reflex (SLR)
  • Disposable Camera
  • Digital Camera

Pinhole Camera
Pinhole cameras are effectively constructed with light proof box with one side small hole which allows the light into the box. Pinhole camera has only one aperture.

Solargraphy is one of the types in Photography which capture the movement of sun for a long time period. Principle of pinhole camera is Light rays from an object pass through a small hole to form an image.

Box Camera

The Box Camera is one of the easiest forms which construct in cardboard or plastic box. Lens is fixed in one side and another side film is placed. Its free focus lens and lack of aperture control. It’s suitable for daylight photography..

Kodak introduced in 1888, the first commercially successful box camera for roll film -- the advertising slogan being You press the button – we do the rest.

 Twin Lens Reflector Camera (TLR)
A Twin Lens Reflector cameras are constructed with two objective lens and Focal length are same for both lenses. Lowered lens which capture the objective image and other one is used as Viewfinder. The viewfinder lens consists 45 degree mirror is fixed inside the camera which helps to view the image. 

Parallax Error will occur in this camera. The image seen in the viewfinder which slide lowered in picture.

 Single Lens Reflex Camera

A Single Lens Reflex camera builds with single lens with the help of Semi-automatic moving mirror system in the camera body. A mirror placed with 45 degree slant which passes image from lens to view finder while capturing image mirror moves upward and allows light into film. 

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