Apr 19, 2011

James Clerk Maxwell

History of Photography:
James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) was a born in Scottish pioneer. He was mathematician and Physicist. His most famous works were formulating the “Electromagnetic Theory” a study of Electromagnetic field, Field of Optics and Study of Color Vision. He was first person who invent the world’s first permanent color photograph in 1861. Later he created the foundation of practical “Color Photography”. He published the series of investigation on perception of Color, Color Blindness and Color Theory at 1855 to 1872. For this great effort Rumford Metal was awarded by Royal Society.
During 1861, he demonstrates the 1st color photographic process by the principle of three color-analysis and synthesis. He is one who introduced the Red, Green and Blue color filter for color photography. Albert Einstein kept a Maxwell photograph in his study wall.
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