Apr 26, 2011

Lumière Brothers

History of Photography:

Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas (1862-1954) and Louis Jean (1864-1948) was born in Besanco, France. One of the earliest Inventor and pioneers in the field of film making.

 Both Auguste and Louis were worked with his father Claude-Antonie Lumiere to run his photographic firm. Auguste managed the firm and Louis worked as physicist. Louis was developed various photographic process. In 1892, both started to create a moving picture after his father retired.

 In March, 1895 they recorded their first footage of moving picture . The world’s first short film projected in France called “Workers Leaving from Lumiere factory – appx 46 sec - Silent” was showed in public at December, 1895.

In 1896, the Lumieres visited Bombay, Londan, Neywork and Buenos Aires with his Cinematographer.
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