History of Photography

Permanent Photograph

World first Permanent Photography:
Nicephore Niepce created the first permanent photograph successfully in 1826. He was used obscura camera and placed near the window. The view from the window was exposed nearly 8 hours, light illuminate from the both side of the building. These ideas led to the famous Daguerreotype.

In 1837 Daguerreotype by Daguerre, the first complete processed image.

The first photograph showed Boulevard du Temple and human begin in the busy street at 1838 in Paris by Daguerre who introduced the Daguerre type method.

William Henry Fox Talbot, by John Moffat, 1864.

File:1851 07 28 Berkowski.jpg

The solar eclipse of July 28, 1851 is the first correctly exposed photograph of a solar eclipse, using the daguerreotype process.

Color Photograph

The first color image was created by Maxwell in 1861 by using the color filters ( Red, Green and Blue) and also 1861 he exhibit this color photograph during his lecture in Royal Institution. 

In 1877, a famous French pioneer  of Color photography "Mr. Louis Ducos du Hauron" who captured the view of Agen with St.Caprais cathedral, France.

First Motion Picture - Sallie Gardner at a Gallo

The world's first motion picture called "Sallie Gardner at a Gallo" taken Eadweard Muybridg in June 19 1878 at Standford. It's a movie which a sequence 24 horse running fast motion stills. It was an experiment film which was produced by Leland Stanford.
George Eastman's Camera Model

Edison Projecting Kinetoscope

"Butterfly Dance" Produced by Edison in 35 mm filmstrip

First Digital Image

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